Best in Class Agreement Reached with Denison Mines

English River First Nation is pleased to advise members that a final deal in principle has been reached with Denison Mines after more than two years of robust negotiations. The agreement acknowledges ERFN as the primary Aboriginal and Treaty Rights holder in the region and commits Denison to:

  1. Pay ERFN milestone payments, annual royalty payments, and funding to implement the agreement
  2. Maximize ERFN employment and the use of ERFN businesses in the construction and operation of Wheeler River
  3. Meaningfully integrate ERFN into the environmental management and monitoring plans and processes at Wheeler River

“We worked hard to secure the best team to support ERFN through these negotiations. This included strong legal counsel to negotiate the agreement, scientists to conduct our own environmental assessments, and consultants to help understand the impacts and benefits of the Wheeler River project and what a strong deal could look like for the Nation. We are confident that based on the size of the project and current best practice we have one of the leading agreements in the entire country.”

– Vice Chief, Jenny Wolverine

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