Good news for our Nation

We are seeking guidance from our Elders and members as we continue the work on the specific claim against the Government of Canada for its ongoing failure to provide agriculture and economic support under Treaty 10. We have received a strong offer and will be providing regular updates as we determine the remaining details.

No decisions have been made yet on how the money will roll out. The community will first have to vote to accept the offer. Any decisions on what to do with the money will be voted on as well, later this summer or fall.  This page is intended to provide more insight into the process and help answer your questions. Please see the frequently asked questions document and check back regularly.

“We intend to do right by our Elders and members and honour the leaders who have gone before us. Chief William Apesis had a vision for what the promises under Treaty 10 would mean for the generations, and we feel it is important to consider our long-term wellbeing.”

– Councillor Katrina Maurice
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May 29 - Information Session

Come and learn more about ERFN's Agriculture benefits claim and what Canada's proposed offer means for the Nation.

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